"Charles Darwin was credited for the phrase survival of the fittest. However, it was actually his assistant, Herbert Spencer, who coined the phrase. “I’ve just always liked that phrase. However, there are times when the strong get overlooked. Many feel that I’ve been overlooked for years,” states Kel. “I try to make whatever I do as Hot as possible and we measure heat in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin but Kelvin gets over looked just as Herbert Spencer does but not for too much longer. Kelvin… Spencer.”


    Kel’s multi-platinum songwriting catalog has garnered Grammy, Soul Train Music, and MTV Video Music award nominations, having worked with the likes of Rodney (Darkchild) Jerkins, Wyclef Jean, Teddy Riley and more, including co-writing songs like the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD WINNINGSwitch,” alongside Will Smith. Kel is also active with the youth in his community with his Pens of Power program. Adjunct professorship at two Universities in New York is near while Kel frequently speaks on panels and makes appearances covering the Urban Experience in the areas of business, entertainment and relationships. His pen has expanded beyond Hip Hop in serving up culture writings for brands like BET/Centric online(Now BET Her) and is debut as an (Co)Author for the buzz-worthy book Single Man, Married Man. With impressive credits on commercial jingles, and theme songs, and an emerging acting/voice-over career, it’s safe to call this a balancing act. Kel Spencer, aka The Warrior Poet, once set aside a promising future in football while attending Morgan State University, to blaze a trail down artistry towards future mogul status.


    As an artist, Kel’s releases included "Who Is Kel Spencer" Mixtape hosted by Zab Judah, LNDNWÜD Vol. 1, and a relationship based novelty album called Salon Stories hosted by MC Lyte featuring Q-tip, Def Poets, Rivaflowz and Shanelle Gabriel, Jesse Boykins III, and more. This album started as a fusion of music and Speed Dating under the name Topic Talk, and has morphed into thousands of Tri-state area couples and singles coming together online and in person to enjoy games, music, speed dating and more, under Kel's Playtime Worldwide brand. Early in his music career, his novice vocals have even been heard as early as The Wild Wild West Soundtrack. Kel has also acquired press in/on E! Entertainment, XXL,ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, BILLBOARD, VIBE, ESPN Magazine, KARMA LOOP TV, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (On Campus Edition), THE SOURCE, MTV 2 SUCKER FREE, and loads of blogs & e-magazines.


    As a New York All City quarterback, at Brooklyn’s Canarsie High School, Lennie Bennett aka Kel Spencer, has always had the passion for leadership and winning. Recently named a BET Music Matters artist, Kel is humbly re-inventing his career. Using is AACSB accredited business degree from Morgan State's, Earl G. Graves School of Business, entertainment, education, and entrepreneurship are his balancing arenas. Inherently, his acting resume is steadily growing as he is currently splitting time between a soundtrack & film that he’s written, Executive Produced and will be starring in entitled Dear Playtime. His relationship insight has also afforded him panel placement alongside Shanel Cooper Sykes, Rob Hill Sr, Derrick Jaxn and Paul Carrick Brunson as well as his debut as co-author of the buzz worthy relationship book, Single Man, Married Man “It’s all a part of my KEL.EiDOSCOPE. By intertwining writing, events, media, creativity, and just good Hip Hop music, I plan to build the KEL.EiDOSCOPE Multi-Media Brand, and make Kel Spencer more than just another name in Hip Hop.”




    Breakups, make-­‐ups, disappointments, and disasters—nobody warned you love would be like this. After all, if every man really wants to get married, why aren’t they marrying you? And where exactly did the romance go now that Prince Charming barely pays attention to you anymore?


    So what really goes on in the male psyche when it comes to romantic relationships? If you’ve ever wanted a peek inside the minds of real men, this is your chance. Single Man, Married Man brings together eight men from eight different worlds—single, married, engaged, and divorced—as they answer questions and share their unique insights about love and marriage.


    The result is a groundbreaking look at the thoughts and feelings of a diverse group of men with answers to those burning questions you’ve never been able to ask—and surprising information that will forever transform the way you look at relationships.

    Purchase your copy of Single Man, Married Man below. 


    Special Projects – Television and Film:

    2015 - Date ‘N Game [Indie Film] (Executive Producer/Writer/Music Supervisor)

    2015 - The Other Cuffing Season (Executive Producer/Writer/Music Supervisor)

    2014 - The Lost Book of Rap [Indie Film] (Soundtrack/Score Music Supervisor)

    2012 - Bermuda National Football League Anthem

    2011 - Pepsi United Kingdom- Advertisment

    2009 - “What’s Goodie” HawthoRNe, TNT, Score

    2007 - Host of UK’s Channel U Video Countdown

    2007 - UK “MTV Base” Countdown Featured as an Unsigned/ Independent

    2006 - “Go Hard” American Pie, Naked Mile; Score

    2006 - “Bring In The Horns” Minnesota Vikings Theme Song


    Featured Writing:

    2005 - Will Smith “Switch” (Interscope/ Overbrook)

    2005 - Will Smith “Party Starter” (Interscope/ Overbrook)

    2003 - Will Smith “Nod ya Head, Black Suits Coming” (Columbia)


    Contributions to Full Lengths and Compilations:

    2009 - Kel Spencer’s Salon Stories Hosted By MC Lyte (3RD Power Music Group)

    2009 - Q-Tip featuring Kel Spencer “Shine All Day” Grand Master Flash Compilation (K7)  

    2007 - DJ Jazzy Jeff featuring Kel Spencer “The Definition” Return of The Magnificent (BBE)

    2004 - Mary J. Blige featuring Will Smith “To Be Real” Sharktale Soundtrack (Geffen)


    Unreleased Projects:

    Miri Ben-Ari - “Strings of The Streets” (Universal)


    Awards & Honors:

    2014 - BET Music Matters

    2008 - Best Cameo Award “Unsigned N Indie Music Awards”

    2008 - Best Lyricist Nominee “Underground Music Awards”

    2006 - BMI Broadcast Performance Award “Switch” Will Smith (Interscope/ Overbrook)

    2005 - American Music Award “Switch” Will Smith (Interscope/ Overbrook)

    2002 - MTV Video Music Awards "Black Suits Comin [Nod Ya Head]" Will Smith (Interscope/Overbrook)
    2001 - Grammy Awards "Will 2K" Will Smith (Interscope/Overbrook)
    2000 - Soul Train Music Awards "Will 2K" Will Smith (Interscope/Overbrook)